domingo, 17 de abril de 2011


Why would that be such a good title for my post today ?
Don't ask me that. I don't know the perfect answer.

don't look for perfect answers, by the way.
don't believe people change. they DON'T ! 
don't think it is easier saying yes than no. too many 'yeas' sometimes hurts a lot!
don't wanna see it as a fairy tail. it couldn't be ever ! 

♫ Don't wanna close the door / Don't wanna give upon it / Don't wanna fight no more / We'll find away to find it / Tell what I gotta be / Tell me what you wanna do / 'Cause I can't live my life the way you want me to ♪

Um comentário:

  1. Hopeless... profundo, como sempre... Mas acredito que as pessoas mudam...pelo menos um pouco...